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Booking and Cancellation Policy
Booking Policy:
  • Bookings made in advance are confirmed against a deposit as follow :
  • Upon confirming the booking, 25% of the cruise price
  • 50% of the cruise price, 60 Days prior to embarkation date
  • Full payment, 45 Days prior to embarkation date
Cancellation Policy:
  • Cruises may be cancelled free of charge if cancelled more than 90 days in advance
  • 25% If cancelled less than 90 days and more than 60 days.
  • 50% If cancelled less than 60 days and more than 45 days.
  • 100% If cancelled less than 45 days .
  • No refund for unused meals or unused nights less than the selected itinerary

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The Nile Valley and its deltas are home to an extremely rich array of succulent ingredients that provide a definite, distinct flavour to every dish prepared in this region. "Made for you" takes on a whole new meaning, as our chefs blend in oriental, continental and international flavours from across the world to provide your palate with a wide range of food. Come prepared to experience a veritable gourmand's delight. Exotic blends and brews curated carefully to go with every meal make every mealtime a memory to stay with you for life. Be it in the dining lounge that reflects the auras of Egypt, or the sundeck that opens up vistas of the Nile for you, our talented on-board crew leaves no stone unturned to bring flavours to life for you.


Dining Restaurant

Come, enter this hallowed ground, and listen to the very walls narrate stories from history, of the passage of time, of empires that lived and loved. Experience adornments and embellishments, let your feet sink into the lush carpets. Partake of exquisitely designed meals here, a space where the very walls and furniture and ambience all blend in harmoniously, to transport you back to an era where science, art, luxury and architecture blended with each other. To an era where people lived like kings and emperors ruled over these kings.


Lounge Bar

Feast your eyes and senses on this amazing assortment of rich silks, carpets, cushions, intricately carved furniture, all placed together to create an ambience that transports to you the hoary and rich past of Egypt. Sink into settings that transport you back to the life and times of the Pharaohs and their empires. Relax with a beverage of your choice, take in the ambience with a dish, or a full meal, or simply let it all soak in along with a brew of your choice. Everything you can dream of, is brought to life here by our crew, and makes every moment here, one to savour and relish.

صالون سطح الذهبية

Sun Deck Lounge

Feel the cool breeze of the Nile caress your skin, riff through your hair as you savour our menus on the sun deck bar. Be it a fast morning, a meandering noon or a soothing evening, or a night under a canopy of a star studded heaven, the sun deck bar on the upper sun deck is your space, for all times and moods. Serving your mouth-watering breakfast and lunch daily, and if the weather is suitable, dinner if requested.

We serve the world. And we are amazingly well-aware of comfort foods, that accompany our travelers across their journeys with us too. We customise menus to suit your palates and cover a wide range of culinary experiences from every corner of the world to help our guests get what appeals to them.

Gastronomy 1

Start your day with an Egyptian buffet styled breakfast, served daily on the upper deck giving you just the right morning oriental energy

Lunch on deck includes a gourmand of dishes from meat and fish, to a whole new world of flavors. As for your seated dinner, let us wow you with a deliciously exquisite customizable four to six course meal, with your choice of main course.

Gastronomy 2
Gastronomy 3

Come hungry and craving, cause with our master chefs we put together a menu with a whole world of choices that don’t just compete with, but also complement one another. This four to six course meal, which in itself is a journey of food exploration, is powered by a mixture of oriental and international starter delicacies before moving on to your choice of meat or fish.

Lunch? Boneless viands? Oriental Grills? Veal? A pot of stew flavoured by herbs from the Nile? Or succulent shrimps from the waters of the river? Well, we can't seem to decide. And luckily, we don't have to. Everything we have on offer, can be customised for you as per your tastes. Come, partake of this, a four to six course meal put together for you with the best of ingredients from across the world.

Gastronomy 4
Menu 5

A mind-blowing array of salads, grills and tagines celebrates your memorable journey with us. Savour a feast fit for kings and queens of yore, featuring grilled Lobsters for the main course. We guarantee that our menus will not only serve your tingling palates, but will also stay with you long after your journey with us, on our Dahabeya.

Warmth for the soul and spirit is served in the form of tea and coffee daily from your first day’s lunch, ending with the last day’s breakfast, during every meal free of charge. As for your water, hydration is available any time everywhere, free of charge whenever you desire.

Menu 6
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The Dahabeya specialist awaits an opportunity to help you handcraft your memory down the Nile with us.

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